Astralwomen / Astralkvinnorna 2016/18

Astralwomen was selected by the legendary artist and filmmaker Tina Keane for the P1 Visions at the Nunnery programme at the Nunnery gallery, BowArts, London, October 2018.


I was invited to make an installation highlighting the use of magic and the notion of witch/feminism through my performative objects as well as newly created ceramics titled 'Instead of stones'.

These ceramics draw their attantion to the curse of Blåkulla / Blue Maiden, a red granite island on the east coast of Sweden. The film is made on 16mm and HD.

It was first shown at CanapéCanopy in Auckland, New Zealand March 2016.


More information about this ongoing project can be found by following the above links.


Installation at the Nunnery, BowArts, London, 2018. Close up. 42625709_2121716134505640_8142695322435452928_o 42622659_2121716141172306_4654337809635606528_o

Astralwomen installation 2018, Bowarts, Visions at the Nunnery, London.


Material: wooden frame, pink scaffoldnet, coloured film for lights and door at the far end. Black painted wall with ceramic objects attached. On the two white walls there are several wall based ceramic objects. Within the wooden frame one can see objects used in my films and performances such as bells, a reindeer foot (sacred gift/lucky charm from a Sámi woman), reindeer horn, twigs painted.


Infront of the entry of my installation are two monitors screening looped showreels with artists Andrés Barón; Jason Bernagozzi; fair brane; Becky Brewis; Katharine Fry; Anna Garner;  Vanessa Scully, Maxima Smith; Rhea Storr. Image below.

IMG_20180922_183644332 IMG_20180922_183447322_HDR IMG_20180922_183250568 IMG_20180922_184002587 IMG_20180922_183841775 IMG_20180922_184221554

Ceramics / Keramik 2018


Shapes and forms deriving from nature, desire and flesh.

Collapsed forms, dried and fired. Carefully cut and glazed. Multiple glazes that 'boil' and crater.

The 'volcanic blob' sits on the black back wall together with the leafy/ rotten banana peel shape which indicates size.

Ceramics / Keramik 2018- Umbrella title Instead of stones