To Breathe Through The Bones Of The Dead

To Breathe Through The Bones of The Dead is an umbrella title for several works using glass, ceramics and film (16mm digitized).


Through the material of glass -sand, molten liquid is formed to represent 'the last breath' of women accused, tortured and killed in Småland, Sweden 1550-1626.


"I wanted to do something that is both sculptural and fragile, a sort of memorial that could act as a remainder of our own fragility as humans and question our actions against eachother. What is it that allows fear to become a barbaric action? When will one human 'become' another?

The glass is sand, fire and air so the context is also ecological and questions around value. Especially as we are running out of sand on earth. I read an analysis on humans relation to water and our liking of 'shiny' stuff. That this desire is a primordial hangover on finding water, we are 70 % made of water and we still can't live without it. Our attraction to glass might be based on this theory. I like to use material that can lure one into a relation-situation with the object, but simultaneously appear with a unexpected and different story, something that jolts us beyond reality. I like to think it is a kind of magic."

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Click Here-The Naming

Astralwomen/Astralkvinnorna 2016/19

Click Here-To Breathe Through the Bones, 16mm film digitised / silent with artist Bridget Currie.