The Green Room: after Henning all the cage is the stage (Denmark edition)

The performance piece The Green Room: after Henning, all the cage is the stage focuses on transformation, to be in transit and exist within different time aspects and beings. The performance takes place there and then, and at the same time it exists as a reference for the future through a ‘green screen’, a room for digital form and as an invisibility filter for different screen-based futures. I conglomerate shamanistic methods with relaxation exercises as a way to directly engage the participating body (-ies).


In a world where a strong focus on one owns body, sexuality and gender creates disputes and control strategies all around us, this performance wants to relieve this for a moment by creating a carnivalesque atmosphere using costume, masks and a theatrical approach. This bridges sound, smells and traditional relaxation methods to give the body a sanctuary to exist between states of animal and human, in a playful and interactive process where bodies become invisible. The humour and visual imagination uses an active grip to create the possibility of new strategies for the body (-ies) within the world. The Green Room: after Henning, all the cage is the stage is an interpretation of one’s inner states through listening. And in this way it allows the body to move through different limits, highlighting what it is and what it could be.


Supported by Konstnärsnämnden/Swedish Arts Committee and  

Kunsthal44 Møn, Denmark

Thanks to Kluster rooms, London,

Actors: Trine Garrett (Danish voice) and Dani Dessa (English voice)

Masks, jewellery and costume decoration- Linda Persson (artist and performer)

Costume design/seamstress: James Stopforth

Photography: Liam Sprod & Linda Persson

As part of ////// /O/O/O (Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus - Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang) curated by Nico Anklam

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