(S)tone Tensions (Norway edition) ////// O/O/O (Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus - Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang)

A performative piece using transformation, old mining sites, sound of stones, frequencies and collaboration

_DSF1549 _DSF1542 _DSF1609 _DSF1580 _DSF1497 _DSF1520 _DSF1571 _DSF1539 _DSF1155 _DSF1149

As part of ///////O/O/O (Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus - Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang), 2016, curated by Nico Anklam my performance piece 'The Green Room' travelled in a new form, (S)Tone Tensions to Velferden, Sokndal, an old iron mine and an exhibition place near Stavanger.


These works was supported by Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Committee, and the whole project by Kunsthal44, Denmark, Rogaland Kunsthall, Velferden, Norway.


Pip Stafford a Tasmanian artist and myself produced a second 'time collapse' performance (first time in Iceland 2015) as part of ////O/O/O at Velferden.


(S)Tone Tension, is a performance with 2 parts, taking place between Norway and Tasmania. Whilst I be using voice summoning frequencies through repetition, fire and stones creating a sonic ritual live, with the attempt to allow the old mine stones below us release their tension. Meanwhile Pip Stafford used electromagnetic frequencies from Tasmanian stones and crystals from old mines to make the stones heard from Tasmania, as a live stream. Together we forced a total time collapse, only experienced as a simultaneous act at Velferden, Norway.

That night 27th/28th the volcano Katla in Iceland was detected to have a big tremor. Me and Pip work on releasing the angst of the stones below us.