Speaking in Tongues, 2019

Private Projects, Hobart, Tasmania (closed 2020)

Speaking in Tongues​ is an exhibition that offers a surreal journey based on ongoing research around thin places and their connection to the immeasurable, old knowledge, and communication beyond language. Linda is showing two installations consisting of moving image works (16mm digitalised) and multiple ceramic sculptures made 2019.


The exhibition has been made possible with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Materials: Blue Upsala Blue porcelain, mild steel hand bent and poweder coated, stained wood with small clay sculptures (stoneware / porcelain), 16mm film digitised. Tongues on wall glazed stoneware and porcelain.

install_private projection_private Turds_fingereye Round_eye_pp Tongues_small Tungor fingerpinch_eye twotongues film_marionettes smalleyesfingers