Prima Materia 2019

Curated by Emily Jones for Bundoora Homestead Arts, Melbourne Australia (Her text here)

with artists: Julie Gough, Alicia King, Linda Persson (SE), Andre Piguet, Michael GF Prior, Yhonnie Scarce, Vittoria Di Stefano and Zilverster (Goodwin and Hanenbergh)                          


Links: MEMO Review, Elyssia Bugg,

ArtGuide, Australia


I showed my work SiO4.H2O and a 3D animation Fossil a 3D rendering of an opalised fossil jawbone, and the film Let All The Air...(all first made for momentum biennial 2017 here in new configurations). SiO4.H20 was longlisted for Lumens Art Prize (excellence in art and technology), London 2018

Camera_opal opal_camera_reflection opal_dark_small SecondOpal Bundooraroom Fossil_Bundoora Yellow_monitor cloud_yellow