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Blickfång / Eyecatcher, 2020

Blickfång / Eyecatcher is a Public Art Commission that I won to design and execute 2018. It was finally inaugurated February 2020 for the municipality Haninge in Stockholm suburbia. It incorporate several light points in areas between nature and urban location, passages of darkness, to emphasise place and security. Curated by Anna Ahlstrand, Public Art Curator, Haninge Kommun.


For research and inspiration I used old folklore such as 'irrbloss' = will-o'-the-wisp which was said to guide or confuse the human, depending on if they had good or bad minds. In science it's told that this phenomena is actually a phosphorescent light seen hovering or floating at night on marshy ground, thought to result from the combustion of natural gases. The constructed 'lamppost' with the eye and eyelash is powdercoated in beige red and the eye is teched on several layers to create a movement and depth. It also changes colour throughout the dar hours.

The diamon/ cloud is inspired from 3D printed material that forms in layers and geological digs, that erase through layers. I have constructed the shape through laser cutting and assembled them into the shape to make it hollow. That lamppost is two coloured with a smooth connection between pink and blue.


The lamp posts were made with MoraMast in Sweden and the fabrication of the objects was done by Kungsörs Skylt Produkter

in Örebro, Sweden.


photos by Sara Appelgren



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