Love Amongst Artists / Eidola

I was invited to participate with a piece of work in Laure Prouvosts exhibition at Kunsthalle Luzern in Switzerland. The room was called Love Amongst Artists and included a gruop exhibition together with Laure's work. Oct 2016 to  Feb 2017.


Artists:  Sam Belinfante, Juliette Blightman, David Conroy, Tom Humphreys, Kati Karki, Gil Leung, Dana Munro, Linda Persson, Philomene Pirecki, Giles Round, Cally Spooner, Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, Ciarán Wood

1_Eidola_Installation_Luzerne_LaureProvost DOKUMENTATIONLP1

Photography: Oskar Aglert

My contribution was a dress with a mask adorned with handmade ceramic eyes, a chair and a soundpiece, all titled Eidola.

Taking it’s title from Paul Klee’s set of drawings with the same title (Eidola in Greek means small images),  at stake is the distinction between

a view focusing on things—words and works—and a view focusing on moving movements—on the event of relations.

So it acts a performing sculpture where the viewer/participant can sit down and listen to a recorded voice guiding the listnerer to become another being, perhaps an animal.

I have been looking at Klee’s pedagogical notes on negative pedagogy. Klee inaugurates an eye-thinking (bilddenkerische) notion of poetics,

a poetics of becoming while in dissolution, a poetics of the sketch. This piece performs a poetics of becoming while in dissolution.




©Linda Persson 2015-18