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Linda Persson is a Swedish artist living and working between Sweden and the United Kingdom.



Her work often focuses on questions of that which is historically repressed, about to disappear, or maybe already extinct, such as certain languages or technologies.



-Landescape Art Review, Annual Edition


"My thinking and making goes through different materials and processes and I am, by putting my [female] body in motion to go to places and landscapes, given experiences by actually moving, and that is quite a radical thing in itself, and this forms my visual output. My relation and use of material goes hand in hand with my movements. It’s not just about responding to the things already in existence but bringing to the fore the absences in the produced world. The ‘immateriality’ of the world is highly material, everything connected to the notion of immaterial labour and its affect is rooted in the use of the digital domain, internet and so on. I usually say that clay is as much technology as cyber/ nano etc. and therefore has always had a visibility in my art, whether it acts as object, from hand to form or exists as mud, landscape and process. ”


Linda has exhibited and performed work at Växjö Konsthall, Sweden, Van Gelder Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tasmania, Bundorra homestead Arts, Melbourne, Art Gallery of Western Australia Luzern Kunstmuseum, Switzerland invited by Laure Prouvost, Momentum Biennial, Alienation, Edition 9/ Norway, Venice Biennial, Imago Mundi group show, Italy, Canopé Canopy, New Zeeland, Drawing Room, Dilston Grove, SPACE London, Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Haninge Konsthall, Sweden, Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš / Samisk senter for samtidskunst, Velferden Sokndal, Norway, Kunsthall44 Denmark. Her films have been screened in film festivals; Lumen Evolution Festival, LIMBO, Frieze Arts Fair, United Kingdom, Festival International de Vidéo Danse du Breuil, Burgundy, France, White Nights Auckland, New Zealand.


Linda is a multiple residency awardee with organistations and galleries across the globe e.g. IMA gallery, Brisbane, International Art Space, Perth, Sunsiz Media, NSW, Australia, Skaftfell Visual Arts, Seydisfjördur, Iceland, Ricklundgården, Royal Institute of Arts, Sweden, Treignac Projet, France. She has been awarded the Swedish Arts Committee 2 year individual grant award 2017, a-n bursary 2019, ACE project grant with Hannah Conroy 2019. Her work in Lighting Ridge NSW and with IMA gallery was co- funded by AIDF British Council.


Her work is held in several private collections, Ricklundgården museum, Stockholm Läns Landsting.


Linda studied Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London followed by a MFA in Sound and Sculpture at Southampton University, Winchester School of Art. Between 2011-12 Linda was awarded a funded research year at the Royal Institute of Arts (Kungliga Konsthögskolan), Mejan Residents in Stockholm, Sweden.










Above: SiO4n.H2O/Black Opal project, 2019 at Bundoora Homestead Arts, Melbourne, Australia


linduspersson [at] hotmail [dot] com